About PSPlatform

PSPLATFORM was established in Antwerp, Belgium, the heart of world’s leading diamond exchange.
Lately the trade of precious stones (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) and fancy colored diamonds have been on the rise and the online infrastructure has been slow in keeping up with this demand.

Precious stones and Colored diamonds lack a specialized global marketplace where buyers and sellers can transparently trade.

The answer to this global issue is PSPLATFORM. Our platform was tailored from the bottom up considering the special needs and specifications of precious stones and colored diamonds.

The elaborate search engine, through the extensive collections available on our website, will assist the buyers in easily searching and identifying the exact stone they are looking for. The selection criteria of our intuitive search engine are interactive and are specifically designed for precious stones and colored diamonds; these search criteria will be automatically adjusted based on what kind of stone the buyer is searching for. We have set-up the marketplace to facilitate the precious stone and colored diamond trade across borders and make sure it becomes an inclusive market where large and small players can interact in a seamless way. This will allow Suppliers to have access to a much larger pool of potential buyers for their stock.

PSPLATFORM is the one stop shop for Precious stones and Colored diamonds.